Saturday, January 13, 2007

1972 Marathon Winner Helps British Runner

Dan Green, the Houston Marathon's 1972 winner, will once again be coaching runners during this weekend's events at the Chevron Houston Marathon.

Yes, he'll be there to cheer on runners from his The Woodlands High School boy's cross country teams as well as those from the adult The Woodlands Running Club.

However, Green has also been enlisted by The New Paul O'Grady TV Show in London, England.

The program, which is similar to the Jay Leno Show here in America, will be sending to Houston 56-year-old Doris Shawcross from Manchester, England to participate in the Aramco Houston Half Marathon.

The show's program will have Green meeting up with Shawcross before the race to give her some last minute tips. Then on the day of the race, the duo will meet up before hand as he wishes her good luck. Green will then stay with the television crew and cheer her on and give her encouragement through the race.

It'll be interesting to here how things go for Coach Green. The producers wanted someone who was going to be a "real character" and that is going to be very firm, with no nonense and be American. :)

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