Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cantu Possibly Sets U.S. Single Age Half Marathon Record

Thanks to the always perceptive Dr. Bob Hoekman, HARRA's Medical Director, it would appear that Richmond's Ino Cantu on Sunday at the Aramco Houston Half Marathon may have established a new United States single age record in the half marathon.

Cantu's gun time of 1:39:14 has possibly bettered that mark of 1:40:13 set by Fred Ely of Trenton, New Jersey in the Philadelphia Distance Run on September 18, 1988, according to RunningUSA.

HARRA has submitted an e-mail on Ino's behalf to Ryan Lamppa with Running USA's Road Running Information Center. (Update: Ryan has forwarded the information on to Andy Carr, the USATF's LDR record keeper. I received word from Andy Carr on Thursday evening and have forwarded the certification forms to Steven Karpas with the Chevron Houston Marathon.)

I've also submitted information to Ken Young of the Association of Road Racing Statisticians (ARRS; to include Ino's performance on the all-time best in the world in this age group (70-74). His times from the past two years (2005, 1:39:45 and 2006, 1:37:30) would also make the list at the following link:

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