Monday, January 15, 2007

2008 Chevron Houston Marathon Local Invited Runners

As long as the qualifying standards remain the same (based on what is on the Chevron Houston Marathon's web site), the following individuals - based on their performance Sunday - will have earned their spots in the 2008 event:


Open (3:00:00) - Sarah Yoder, 2:58:34
40 (3:15:11) - Heidy Lozano, 2:57:45
50 (3:32:11) - Carole Uttecht, 3:30:48 (ALRC)


Open (2:35:00) - Matt McCurdy, 2:32:24 (ALRC)
40 (2:49:42) - Sean Wade, 2:20:30 / Todd Gilbreath, 2:47:32 (BCRR)*
50 (3:02:47) - Ted Traynor, 3:00:36 (HS)
60 (3:19:02) - Ben Harvie, 3:05:49 (HH)

Gilbreath's projection would be based that Sean Wade "earned" a spot because he was a former winner; however, this wasn't necessarily the case when the original post went up for the '07 spots and Drew Prisner was listed in the Open spot from the '06 event with an asterisk that he was the 2002 winner. If the latter is true, then Wade earns the spot.

Again, this is clearly a projection and therefore, not official.

Just missing the 70-year-old and greater standard was The Woodlands Running Club's Jim Braden. Braden, 71, ran Sunday's event in 3:41:59 and missed the qualifying standard by just 41 secodns.

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